FREE COURSE: Web design: How To Design a Website in Illustrator


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Hours of Content: 1.5


  • You need to have at least Adobe Illustrator CS5 installed
  • Basic computer skills
  • Positive attitude and the will to learn exciting web design techniques

I know that there is a lot of courses out there, that is why I am so grateful that you chose this one.

This is a follow up to my web design fundamentals in Illustrator: now that you know all the basics of using Illustrator for web design, it’s time to design a landing page.

Inside we will design a landing page for a fictitious law company and in the process we’re gonna use a lot of Illustrator tricks and super techniques that are going to make the whole process as easy as possible.

We’re going to start with a main menu design and we will focus on effective menu elements creation.

Then we will design the subheader and the services part: in this section you will learn incredibly effective ways of working with images and icons when designing web layouts in Illustrator.

After that we will create the remaining parts of the layout: the team section, the testimonials section, the footer – everything that is needed for a modern looking website.

So if you want to learn

  • How to independently design a professional web layout in Illustrator
  • How to use little knowns tricks to make the whole process super smooth and fun
  • and if you are after what’s practical and what will allow you to jump right into the creation part

Who is the target audience?

  • Do you want to design web layouts in Adobe Illustrator?
  • Are you a fresh web designer who wants to learn Illustrator web design techniques?
  • You've never used Illustrator to design web layouts and are looking for solid Illustrator web design techniques?
  • Are you a print designer who wants to start a web design career?
  • This course is not for those who are looking for an overview of Illustrator tools and basics of graphic design

FREE COURSE: Web design: How To Design a Website in Illustrator

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