LaTeX A-Z: from beginner to advance in less than 3 hour


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Basic Course Description

This course illustrate the essential components required to create a professional quality documents with the LaTeX. LaTeX is frequently used to write thesis, reports, scientific papers for journals, conferences and making presentations. The essential beauty of LaTeX is that it separates the task of document layout/visual representation from that of the contents of the documents. As a result you pay more attention to the actual contents and are not distracted by the visual appearence. It also automates many of the tedious processes involved in writing a professional publications such as managment of references, visual layout and formatting styles.

With LaTeX, you will find easy and effective management of references, figures, tables, footnotes, formatting, mathematical equations, algorithms, scientific proofs, that have no match compared to the the conventional document setting and word processing software.

The course is design in a way that it will introduce you to tools that are freely available online. The examples and other instructional material are included for you to download and practice.

At the end of this course,

  • You are confident user of LaTeX.
  • You will be able to create your own document in LaTeX.
  • You will learn about different elements of creating professional documents such as how to manage references, figures, tables, footnotes, formatting, mathematical equations, algorithms, scientific proofs and many others.
  • You will be able to create well formatted mathematical equations, algorithms, and proofs.


Your Benefits and Advantages:

  • This course include
    • All about latex, from downloading to typesetting a latex document, importting images, including tables, workging with math equations, algorithms, including citations and many other useful topics, necessary to master the art of producing professional documents in latex.
  • If you do not find the course useful, you are covered with 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!
  • You have lifetime access to the course.
  • You have instant and free access to any updates i add to the course.
  • You have access to all Questions and discussions initiated by other students.
  • You will receive my support regarding any issues related to the course.
  • Check out the curriculum and Freely available lectures for a quick insight.


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LaTeX A-Z: from beginner to advance in less than 3 hour

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